Pinky Thompson


Author | Business Leader | Motivational Speaker

With 2 published books and 2 innovative magazines Pinky Thompson a proven herself visionary leader that has made extensive strides in changing lives of people and the corporate world.

Find out more about her inspiring writings, her informative News website she has developed and her digital Magazine that will assist you to position and augment yourself and your businesses to transition for success.

Discover the “Secrets of the Rules of Engagement"

In the book titled, The Broken Rules of Engagement, Pinky Thompson shares profound insights from her wealth of knowledge on how employers, management teams and employees can achieve sustainable growth to help businesses reach their full potential. She goes on to expose corporate flaws and positives within organizations, and proffers solutions on how to cultivate a happier workplace and increase productivity

Unleash the Powers of Success from Pinky Thompson’s “Deactivating the Code of Failure”

This is a must-read book that talks about the life of a young woman who struggles to break free from vicious life cycles. Pinky Thompson explores how individuals can deactivate the code of failure to live a more liberating and fulfilling life. The book Deactivating the Code of Failure is a great read for families and anyone who has experienced setbacks and seeking ways to overcome their past failures.


Find out more about Pinky Thompson’s News website and App called the NewsDome. It is a cutting edge News & Magazine press of all time. Delivering daily digest to you to align and stay relevant to the current affairs. The NewsDome App is epic, growing at a wind speed scale and spreading rapidly globally. It is dominating the social platforms, following and trending in the same fields as the house hold Social Network App Giants in the industry.

HELM Magazine

This master publication is an awe-inspiring, a compendium of creativity and a stroke of genius. HELM is a digital documentary of the valuable insights on Pinky Thompson’s career, experiences and tacit knowledge. The magazine also covers profiling of aspiring and well established businesses, personality interviews, business articles and current affairs. Check out this great resource to stay up to date on industry news, career advancement, spiritual insights and motivational pieces to uplift her audience.