Pinky Thompson



Pinky Thompson is a full-fledged great woman of influence and versatile. She has a vibrant personality, resilient spirit, and exhumes unique qualities that enable her to thrive and be a trailblazer in all her endeavours.

Pinky is the eldest daughter of the late Mr Elias Mamokwanta and Mrs Mohlapa Magdelina Selepe. Born and raised in Phalaborwa, a small town in Limpopo, South Africa, Pinky is a results-driven professional and currently hold a position as the Confidential Secretary to the Executive office of the CEO and COO in one of the major Copper Ore Mine, Palabora Mining Company in Phalaborwa.

Pinky Thompson has risen to great heights in her career despite encountering several challenges while growing up. Today, Pinky has managed to deactivate the barriers that were limiting her and has eventually attained accolades she never imagined possible. Pinky is a renowned author of two books published at Amazon and Lulu “The Broken Rules of Engagement” in 2018 and Deactivating the Code of Failure in 2020.” Her new passion of writing saw her diversifying into publishing Articles. As an astute Author of business books and a graduate from the University of South Africa, School of Business Leadership, Pinky has broaden her horizon to a point where  she now approach and tackle many topics in the area of business leadership and innovative business strategies. Not limited, Pinky has polarised also into current Socio-economic happenings globally.

Pinky has now ventured into unfamiliar territory, more particularly for a black woman where opportunities were virtually limited. She has tapped and adapted into the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution). She has innovatively converted her books into Mobile book Apps where they are currently available and being sold on Google play store. With the driven passion in the media industry, she is the Founder of the NewsDome website, a news and magazine press of all time.

Ultimately Pinky has launched a digital Magazine called the HELM. This master publication is an awe-inspiring, a compendium of creativity and a stroke of genius. Through her magazines, she also covers profiling of aspiring and well established businesses, personality interviews, business articles and current affairs. The HELM magazine is available on digital platforms and print version.

Pinky is a force to be reckoned with. She is also a motivational speaker, who is passionate about uplifting lives with encouraging words and her unique experiences. She shares motivational and inspiring articles and spiritual insights to her audience.

There’s never a dull moment in her life. Pinky maintain the ongoing process of reinventing herself. She is currently embarking on growing her fashion designer label named Voglia. Pinky vowed to herself that she does not want to add on the alarming statistics of mediocrity and being another average ordinary citizen. She wanted her life to be narrated as a success story. In her own words, she said: I preach success to my Son Tshireletso everyday. I want him to see it manifesting through me so that it is embedded in him that he can achieve whatever he set his mind to.