Pinky Thompson

The Broken Rules of Engagement



Book Description:

Pinky Thompson has expressed herself in a book through bottom up approach, to share with the world especially the entities her perspective based on tacit knowledge, discussions and experiences from her own life and she thought sharing these experiences will assist organizations to grow, make profit, create employment and continue sustaining economies in their countries.

The book has been designed for entities as a practical guide to aid in outlining, exploring, and communicating the unfathomable glitches that may prevent many organizations to reach their full potential. “The Broken Rules of Engagement” is not meant to be the ultimate voice on organizational behaviour but rather a contribution to available resources on how entities may reinforce and call in the “Special Forces” to aid their survival.

The book entails and exposes corporate flaws and positives within Organisations, Management, Trade Unions and what Employees are engaged in on a daily basis. The recent Economic and Social factors propelled me to produce this Manuscript. The book has many benefits and it’s adaptable to any situation, regardless of the field of expertise be it Management or Employees level.

The Book’s Benefit: Entities would reap remarkable benefits and empower their Management teams and Employees on purchase of The Broken Rules of Engagement book. The book will also bring cohesion between Management and Employees and cultivate a happier workplace and increased productivity.

GET YOURSELF A COPY! Be informed, fully developed and empowered to the point of readiness for you to attract great opportunities and unleash your full potent

Specific outcomes projected:

Deactivating the Code of Failure



Book Description:

Learn how to break the vicious cycles in your life and begin to live a more liberated, fruitful and empowered lifestyle.

Deactivating the Code of Failure is designed to aid you to identify and break the “code” of your failures, setbacks and decoding the past in your life through examining and learning how to accept, overcome and grow from the past failures. Written with compassionate and understanding voice, the author explores and enlighten you of the vicious cycles that plague the youth, their families, and our society, by first guiding you through the life and harrowing upbringing of a young woman named Megan.

As you bear witness to her unfortunate journey, thoughts, fears, hardship, beliefs, mischiefs, among other things, learn how she had turned around her life and her narrow escape out of the effect of her bad and harrowing upbringing by deactivating the “code” for her failures.

Unveil your buried dreams, start living a more fulfilling life, better understanding yourself and raise awareness for others to break free from their past.

It is time for you to get out of your stagnant life and move on to greater and grander heights with Deactivating the Code of Failure!

Synopsis of the Deactivating the Code of Failure

This book divulge a heart-touching story that is not abstract and remote from the existential crises and challenges of an average young girl/boy, especially from a dysfunctional family background. It’s intentional, and will move you on an emotional level.

It’s accurate and didactic; it’s refining and thought-provoking. It targets the youth whose lives have been seemingly battered and turned around by the tides and turbulences pattern of an ugly past.

Society has become more complex and sophisticated, making parenting more taxing. Among the consequences is that the youth are barely given the adequate attention they need to navigate through the nexus of life. They find themselves struggling on their own to make decisions that have interminable consequences, good or bad, without requisite knowledge and guidance from either the parents or certified counselors/mentors.

This book explores the nitty-gritty of life as it is lived and offers counsel to guide the straying back to the lane of their dreams and aspirations.

The storyline fills up that lacuna in society and provides a place of recourse for any child and parents that lay their hands on this book.

In conclusion, this book opens up room for discourse, which is a sine qua non for accumulating growth of knowledge and abilities.