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Take a deep dive to explore the very first introductory issue of HELM, an online Journal & Magazine during this digital transformation phase. This masterpiece publication is a brainchild of Pinky Thompson. It is an awe-inspiring, a compendium of creativity and a stroke of genius. It will empower you to augment your team and yourself to evolve beyond limits and position your business for growth and success. You will learn to lead and maximise employee’s value. The HELM is chronicled in an on point and unique way. It has documented in-depth Pinky’s valuable insight, sound knowledge and the social & economic significance as part of your daily lives.

This issue is business transitioning oriented and endorsed self-help magazine, designed to assist you to align and step into your power, enabling you to meet previously unattainable personal and organisational strategic goals. Discover vast strategic opportunities by aligning organisational strategies and reinforcing your organisational culture to combat all financial delinquencies within the organisation.

Pinky has designed this magazine to stimulate change and progress within a system or processes. The magazine will profile and journal veteran actors, musicians, top business leaders, emerging and established businesses. It will further serve as a platform to afford fellow authors to gain exposure and viral book promotions, publish articles, current affairs and advertising craft concepts. The realisation of what this magazine is all about will be revealed and leave you fascinated, when you let us guide the future of your company’s finance activities, and strategies for business growth to rise above the rest during this economic recession.

Get strategical about it and plan to stay ahead of your game. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “those with visionary leaders who has taken the Helm of the company, will claw up the market share!